The Benefits of Live Chat with an Integrated Knowledge Base

Integrating your knowledge base with a live chat feature can benefit your business in a variety of ways. As with any customizable complaint management software, your main goal as a business is to provide customers with the best possible solution to improve your customer support and provide the best experience. Having a live chat feature is becoming more popular every day, especially considering the instantaneous responses consumers appreciate and demand. Here are a few of the main benefits of having a live chat service with an integrated knowledge base.

Provide Instant Answers for Customers

A live chat feature is at the top of the list when it comes to the best options for a customizable complaint management software. In the fast-paced world we live in today, customers want instant responses and aren’t as willing to wait on hold when calling in.

Live chat can provide customer with real-time responses to have their questions or concerns addressed immediately. And when it’s integrated with your knowledge base, your agents can provide consumers with anything they need in a short amount of time, which will enhance the customer’s experience tremendously.

Improve Customer Experience With Live Chat

Being consistent in your business practices is critical from a perception standpoint. When a customer asks the same question to two different representatives, they should receive the same answer. This is where the integrated knowledge base combined with live chat is valuable. Giving your brand the best name and reputation possible usually comes with the level of customer support you provide. With a customizable complaint management software, you’ll be able to achieve this much easier.

Track and Measure Your Agents’ Performances

In addition to providing a high level of customer support, you can also improve the performance of your agents with live chat and an integrated knowledge base. With a helpful online SLA tracker, you can pinpoint exactly where a particular agent is lacking and what they are especially good at. Identifying flaws and building on quality characteristics can help your customer support department flourish, and it’s all possible with these tools.

PhaseWare is your go-to resource for all aspects of customer support, and even configurable help desk software. The combination of a live chat feature with an integrated knowledge base is invaluable and can improve your business in many different areas. If you’re interested in improving your processes or learning more about this integration, contact us today for more information about how our services can help your business.

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