The Benefits of Live Chat Over Phone Support

In the past, if a customer had a question or problem with a product or service, phone support was their only option. As the Internet became more prevalent, however, chat customer support became quite popular, and to this day, some people swear by it as the only way they’ll interact with any type of support agent.

But what exactly makes customer support live chat so preferable to dialing a phone number and have a voice conversation? Here are some of the benefits a live chat has over telephone support.

It’s More Convenient for Busy People

For many people these days, multitasking is a way of life. They’re constantly juggling multiple tasks at a time, and if one of those tasks involves talking to another person or maintaining silence (say, while they’re at work), calling customer support via telephone isn’t something they’ll be able to do. Live chat is as quiet as the keyboard keys will allow, and allows consumers to work on other things in between responses from an agent.

It Lets Customers Ask A Quick Question

You’ve likely seen that little chat box that pops up in the corner of an online store or business website you’re browsing. It usually says something to the effect of, “Need Help? Chat Now!” Companies understand the correlation between good support and customer satisfaction, so if a company can put you in touch with someone quickly to answer a question you have, you’re more likely to be satisfied as a result. Or, if you’re not yet a customer, getting a fast answer to your question could sway you into becoming one.

It Helps Support Understand Your Issue

Some live chat customer support software allows agents to help returning customers more quickly, since they can track their past transactions and interactions. Agents can easily see the last time a customer had an issue or a question, so they can follow-up and ensure the best service possible. Not only will this software enable agents to do their jobs most effectively, but it also creates a more efficient process for both the agent and the customer. As a result, customers will be happier overall when they don’t have to spend as much time interacting with customer support.

Live Chat Transcripts Can Be Saved

Some customers might run into an issue more than once. Fortunately, after speaking with chat customer support, many platforms provide the ability for customers to have a chat transcript emailed to them. This means they can go back later, re-read the transcript and jog their memories on how the issue was resolved previously. This feature not only benefits customers, it can also help companies use fewer customer support resources as well.

Does your customer support platform give you and your customers these benefits? If not, it’s time to give serious thought to adopting a more effective solution. Be sure to contact PhaseWare today to learn how our software can help you provide better service to your customers.

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