Streamlining Contextual Support for an Agent is Key to Quick and Personalized Support

B2B organizations wanting to retain clients not only need a high-quality product, they also need fast, personalized support. Failing to provide this can have disastrous effects, including loss of revenue and a stain on a company’s reputation. If you want to avoid this, your agents need to provide contextual support when handling client issues. This will cut down on client frustration and also make things much easier on your reps.

The best way to bring contextual service to your operation is with customizable customer support software for your agents. This will help provide them with the information and workflow management tools needed to navigate a wide range of client requests. This software can also adapt depending on the client and the issue at hand. Let’s go over why this is key when providing timely and unique support.

Precise Ticketing

In a support environment, a ticket doesn’t only mean an issue has come up. Tickets are also used by agents and clients for other reasons such as product returns and contract details. But with so many tickets coming in, your agents need a way to filter through them to determine what takes priority. Contextual support makes this happen. With the right software, your agents have the ability to filter tickets using keywords and urgency. This means they know what tickets require their attention without having to read through them. Ticketing automation also helps ensure specific tickets go directly to the right reps. This helps streamline the support process so you can provide the fastest service possible to your clients.

Excellent Support with One Software Solution

In order to truly streamline your support process, you need to minimize the number of tools you rely on. This is definitely a situation where less is more. The best way to achieve this is with a high-quality configurable help desk software solution. This means your agents only have to interact with one interface while working with a number of channels. Managing workflow, collecting reports, and automating the ticketing process can all be done within a custom dashboard. The great thing about this software is it’s scalable. As your business grows, this tool will scale alongside your service environment and products. This all-in-one solution will allow your agents to provide long-term, personalized service to your client base.

Effective Use of Macros

Agents can use macros to help them provide faster responses to client inquiries. However, like apps, having too many up on their screen can become a burden. Looking at unneeded macros could result in the wrong information getting sent to the client. Not only does this hurt the quality of support being providing, but it also creates bottlenecks in your customer service department. That’s why using configurable help desk software with contextual service is essential. This software will only display relevant macros depending on what client the agent is dealing with. That way agents have the peace of mind knowing they’re providing the right responses.

To streamline contextual support for faster, more personalized support, you need to take advantage of customizable customer support software. If you’re ready to implement these tools, PhaseWare can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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