Help Desk Vs. Service Desk: Why Not Both?

As a business, you will need a way to support your employees and a way to support your customers. The differences between a help desk and a service desk are fairly subtle, but both of them give you options for providing support for your agents and your clientele. So how do you pick which one will work best for your company’s specific needs?

As you may have guessed from the title, PhaseWare’s suggestion is that you pick a solution which is able to offer you a little bit of both.

A help desk is a definite necessary to streamlining your customer service department. The tools included for a help desk solution are generally more geared to work for your customer base than your internal team, but incident tracking, issue management, reporting, and ticket organization are also key elements to creating the best help desk. Perhaps the most important, versatile tool you will find in a help desk solution, however, is the production of an accessible, broad-range, searchable knowledge base. Your options for help desk solutions are copious, but PhaseWare’s system of creating and maintaining a knowledge base are some of the best in the business. With powerful searching mechanisms including result ranking and natural language search, you, your team, and your customers will have the knowledge base you never knew you needed.

A service desk requires a whole separate set of implements. While customers are able to use certain parts of a service desk, it is, by and large, geared to assist your workers with customer requests. Managing configurations and changes, service level agreements (SLA), and security management are important elements to making a workable service desk. Automation is a big part of it as well. With PhaseWare’s uniquely formatted, widely applicable automation tools, your company will be privy to some of the most cutting edge technology on the market for automation services. The Event Engine gives your team the ability to automatically initiate a good number of actions and services based on thresholds that you have the power to customize and define as your company needs. Event Engine is the main generator for all the services you would need in a service desk, including the previously mentioned list, and the ability to automate business practices, e-mail reports, escalation management, ticket updates, and more.

Using PhaseWare’s careful, versatile customer service management products, your company will no longer need to ask itself whether a help desk would be more important than a service desk. Each of these utilities provide particular and important tools that your company can benefit from greatly, so the right choice is both.

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