Empowering Your Customers

The identity of the average customer has been changing constantly as the Millennial generation comes into the market as the main consumer. Customers want to be able to do what they want, when they want, and figure it out themselves to feel like they have had the best experience. We live in a DIY world, and that’s something you can gain real benefit from as a company. Here are the top 3 tips to getting that benefit out of the situation and empowering your customers.

#1: Cultivate a fully encompassing, reliable knowledge base to which your customers have access. A knowledge base is the most lucrative for both you and your customers, as it may be simpler for them to get an answer swiftly and immediately, even in the middle of the night, than to call in and take up the time of one of your valued associates. Many times a customer’s needs can be met with just a yes or no, and relieving your employees from the need to answer to minuscule tasks like this can raise morale in the workplace at the same time as improving your company’s image in the customer’s mind.

#2. Provide customers with as many outlets as possible for connecting with your company. Multichannel customer support has been on the rise for years, and as of late it has become paramount to have a many-faceted system to even be taken seriously in the business world. DIY customers will want to come at their issue from the angle that makes the most sense for them in that moment, and as a company it’s your job to be ready for that. With various different forms of support available, you are able to spread out the weight of your customers’ demand into different departments, using different agents and relaxing the queued up phone lines of the past.

#3.  Include alternative help options, such as quick, easy-to-read manuals, regular blog updates on common product information and problems, a newsletter regarding updates, or an online forum. If nothing else, side projects like this will encourage the user to keep current with your company and its products. Skimming through helpful tips on a regular basis may answer questions they’ll have in the future, or improve the experience your customer is having by encouraging them to improve their own product knowledge. DIY customers have a wont to become experts at whatever they attempt, so opening up that path to each customer is really a win/win situation for the both of you.

Helping customers to help themselves can turn customer service into a cooperative campaign. Make sure you have a sound customer service solution at your back and watch as your team and your customers feel the benefits!

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