6 Steps to Incident Management

Incident Management is a key component to the success of your business. At PhaseWare, we refer to an “incident” as any specific customer related issue or task. You need software that can properly handle the different stages of incident management.

Incident Detection.  You need to be able to detect an incident even before the customer spots it.  Whether it’s a minor or major issue, being able to anticipate and identify the issue before the customer spots the issue, will help you provide great customer service and stay on top of things.

Prioritization and Support. You need to be able to prioritize the incident (is it a life or death situation or is it not quite as important?) and provide initial support. Contact the customer and let them know you’re aware of the situation, no matter how big or small, and that you’re going to do some further investigation to see what is actually going on.  In order to give the initial support, your system needs to have all information up front and ready for your agents to access.

Investigation and Diagnosis. After the initial support, you must take a little time to investigate the incident so that you can better understand how it happened and hopefully prevent it from happening again.  If it’s a minor incident, such as a lost password, you can generally diagnose and investigate the issue on your own, and resolve the issue with First Call Resolution.  

Resolution. After you have figured out what exactly happened, you need to create an efficient and effective resolution to solve this incident.

Incident Closure. The incident is closed so you don’t have to worry about it, right? Wrong. Just because the incident is closed, doesn’t mean your job is done…

The last stage is similar to the “follow up” stage in customer service. You need to monitor your resolution to make sure it is fail-safe and that everything is working perfectly. Follow up is incredibly important to your customer service success. Call the customer and make sure everything is working okay, ask if they need any assistance or have any questions at the moment.

All of these different steps will help your business gather necessary data and help you determine what’s working and what isn’t. Effective Incident Management helps your business improve and provide excellent service.

 Watch a short video about our solution:

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