Live Chat Customer Support: What is Live Chat?

At this point, most consumers and businesses are pretty familiar with Live Chat. But there is always room for improvement, which can often mean looking back at the basics of a function to get a handle on what changes might be needed. So when it comes down to it, what is Live Chat?

It’s basically instant messenger with a professional twist. You can get answers quickly and accurately, and as a customer, you don’t even really have to pay much attention while it’s happening. It’s an important customer service channel to offer, in this era, if you want your business to be considered seriously. There are all sorts of opportunities presented through live chat that are similar to phone and e-mail combined. Live Chat is one of the most dynamic methods available to connect with your customer, and here’s why.

#1. Live Chat is like e-mail support on steroids. It takes the qualities that customers love from e-mail support, like clear verbiage, readymade transcripts, and professional tones, and it spins those right into a channel that customers will also get to enjoy at a much quicker pace. The problem is resolved more quickly, and the customer can check an item off their list for the day.

#2. It does the same thing in comparison with phone call-based support. With Live Chat, you get all the personal attention of a single agent and the speed of a phone call’s resolution, but you can still keep multitasking if you have other things to do. Or, you can listen to music while you get your issue resolved. Or watch TV. The relaxed setting that Live Chat affords really has endless possibilities. Live Chat is one of the most-used customer support channels for people who are chronically multi-tasking—like parents, college students, and secretaries.

#3. Live Chat virtually deletes language barriers. Communicating with worldwide customers may not be something your company handles on a day to day basis, but you don’t really need to look outside the country to find someone whose first language is not English. Offering support that can be comprehended at the user’s pace or managed using translation devices is a hugely helpful tool—and it looks really good for your company.

#4. You can field problems ranging from simple product questions to semi-complex customer relations concerns. Live Chat isn’t just for the freebie calls anymore. With the number of tools and resources available to your chat agents to resolve the customer’s concern, you will be able to solve issues that would previously have needed to be handled over the phone.

While Live Chat should not be used as the sole means for communicating with your customer, it has become a vital side channel to support your customers, offer product advice, survey customer opinions, and generate revenue for the company. With a good number of years of use now under the Live Chat belt, the benefits now outweigh any kinks that may have arisen in the past. It’s time to dive in! Contact PhaseWare to get Live Chat for your business and you will thank yourself over and over again.




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