Self Service Center: Rising Star of Customer Support

Communication can be difficult for customers even when the issue seems clear-cut, especially through e-mails with the constant back and forth clarifying things, or by phone with the forty-five minute long “Your call is very important to us…” 

All of which are huge hassles just to answer what may really be a simple question, or even a moderately complex one that already has an answer just waiting for that customer to access it without the delays inherent in e-mail and phone support.

However, there is hope in sight.  There is a saving grace.  A frustrated customer’s question salvation comes from online Self-Service Centers which are there all day, all night, rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine. 

  • The customer is free from the burning ear syndrome left by sitting on hold for hours on end. 
  • The customer is free from being at the mercy of someone else’s schedule in hopes of getting a question answered. 
  • It makes a person want to grab a kilt, throw on some blue paint, and yell with William Wallace, “FREEDOM!!!”

Here are some features I think are important to look for in web self service software. 

  • A knowledgebase that is searchable by natural language, meaning you don’t have to use overly sophisticated technological terms in order to search for something.  (We do understand that there are those out there who do not speak the language of Computer Nerd, and we forgive you.) 
  •  The ability to offer downloads online.  Instruction manuals, video clips, white papers, anything that you want your customers to download can be downloaded. 
  • After your customers have downloaded everything, they’ll need a place to discuss how incredible your widget is. With online forums as a part of the self-service center customers interact with each other, pass their recommendations on to each other, and answer each other’s questions which in turn relieves pressure off the phone lines and e-mail channels. 
  • Customer access to their own e-mail distribution lists, incident status, and a handy for you to place announcements just for your customers should all included in self-service center software.

With all those reasons, why wouldn’t you get Self-Service Center software?  Isn’t it time to be celebrating the liberation with us?



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