How to Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

Cultivating the ideal relationship between your company and your customers is a process with a number of steps. Succeeding in this arena may be difficult to achieve, however, if your aim is solely to keep in time with your customers’ expectations. The real way to attain the ideal relationship with your customer is to use your expertise with your product and your buyers to go above and beyond the expectations of each customer and provide a full, 360° customer service experience.

One of the best ways to go that extra mile for the customer is to offer proactive customer care. This can include providing your representatives with a powerful, intuitive, easily organized and customizable system like PhaseWare offers, to keep on top of information about your customers, ticket trends, internal data, and potential upcoming customer concerns. Proactive customer care can also include use of feedback surveys to listen in on the customers’ desires and alter your company preemptively to ensure continued satisfaction.

Another method with a heavy impact on the customer’s perception of your company is to invest yourself in the relationship with each individual customer. People know when they are being lied to—so don’t bother. Keep your customers up to date with the progress on their ticket and be honest about what their options are. Let the customer know that you are on their side and then do everything you can to reach a solution as a team. This kind of customer relationship management (CRM) is nearly unheard of in the customer service realm, and encouraging honest relationships between agents and customers can give your company that edge it needs to really impress your buyers and improve their experience.

Thirdly, customers want options. At this point, people are used to having a few options for customer service contact points, but with most companies they have to make-do at some point and give the company a call when they really didn’t feel like it. You don’t have to be that company. And if you allow your customers the freedom to elect their own contact option – be it phones, chats, e-mails, or text-exchanges – you go above and beyond by offering multichannel customer support. Customers are always delighted by the ability to connect with a company on their own terms, and it’s easy and lucrative to make that possible for them!

Customer service, traditionally speaking, has always been about resolving concerns and trying not to rock the boat with customer relations. It’s time we re-think that perception. With your head in the right space and the right tools at your side, you can put your company on a whole different level and exceed your customers’ expectations on a daily basis.

Customers don’t need service — they need a good company on their side. Give ’em what they love with PhaseWare’s unbeatable set of customer service tools.


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