Necessary Features B2B Customer Service Software Should Have

Your B2B customer support tools need to provide clients with a number of channels to obtain the information they need. More importantly, it needs to help your support team provide the best service possible. This is particularly important in the B2B landscape where product support is much more complicated than it is for B2C organizations.

If you’re ready to up your client support game, you need to implement software for B2B customer service into your existing system. However, not all software is created equal. It’s imperative the software you choose has the features you need to provide the best client experience and fully streamline your support team. Let’s go over some key features you can’t ignore.

SLA Management Tools

Service Level Agreements are an essential part of the B2B relationship. They’re put in place to make sure you and your clients’ expectations are aligned. It stands to reason these agreements should be well organized and trackable in your system. SLA management tools allow you to easily monitor service agreement commitments and have easy access to SLA statistics.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

In recent years, it’s become more common for businesses to offer self-service options so their clients can find answers to issues themselves. Not only does this provide another customer service channel, it takes a lot of the workload off your reps. A knowledge base provides clients with content related to your products so they can educate themselves instead of relying solely on your support team.

Visual Workflows

When it comes to streamlining your internal process, visual workflows customer support software is one of the most effective tools you can have. This tool allows you to configure your business process in an interface to give you and your team a visual reference point. You can then manage tasks and run reports when needed and keep a bird’s eye view of your entire process.

Live Chat

Providing a chat feature to clients is now commonplace. If you don’t, you risk losing customers to your competition. Live chat in your software for b2b customer service allows your agents to create tickets directly from chat transcripts and send clients links to information in your knowledge base. You can also assign certain chat channels to certain products.

Automated Ticketing Process

With both clients and support team members creating tickets every day, it’s essential you have a tool to manage them. Automated ticketing helps you properly route tickets to the right rep based on information within the ticket, the date, subject line, and more. You can also configure this system so it aligns perfectly with your ticketing process. This ensures no tickets fall between the cracks.

Get the Support Features You Need Today

Outfitting your support operation with the features discussed above will help your reps provide much better service to your client base. It’ll also allow your B2B organization to provide a customer experience geared towards client retention and future growth.

PhaseWare can help you integrate software for B2B customer service and bring these tools to the forefront of your operation. Contact us today to get started.


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