Improve Your Customer Success with Ticket Automation

Have you been noticing issues with your customer support operation? Are follow-up times slower than normal or communication problems interfering with your team’s workflow? It may be time to implement ticket automation to help streamline your process. Today, many companies are turning to B2B customer support software and eliminating their manual ticketing system. Doing so helps improve the efficiency of support teams and allows them to provide clients with faster, more thorough service. An automated system can also help save money by removing the need for certain roles such as routing agents. If your client base is growing, higher demand is being placed on your support team. Let’s go over the ways ticket automation will help you provide higher quality service to your customers.

Improve Response Time

Response time is one of the most critical components of the customer support process. It has a huge impact on the way your clients feel about the service you provide. Utilizing ticket automation is one of the most imperative assets for speeding up your overall response time. It helps by routing tickets to the correct person, which ensures delays are avoided due to confusion and rerouting procedures. Tickets will also be escalated based on how much time has passed since they were received. This helps prevent tickets from falling through the cracks by alerting your team to urgent tickets. Automated email solutions also provides an instant response when a client submits a ticket, which takes the work out of the hands of your reps.

Higher Efficiency Means Better Service

In situations where manual ticketing is still used, a rep will receive and evaluate all incoming tickets and route them to the appropriate person. For growing companies with a higher demand for ticket resolution, this just doesn’t make sense. Ticket automation eliminates the need for a routing agent by instantly sending all tickets to the right person. The routing agent can then take on other fulfillment roles within a support team. In addition to the speed at which tickets are routed, fewer people handle each ticket when automated service is used. This cuts down on the chance of human error. Improving efficiency helps your reps provide faster, higher quality service to clients.

Organization Across All Departments

Establishing clearly defined roles is crucial when trying to provide the best possible customer experience. On a support team, this means establishing a strong infrastructure with regard to which reps handle specific tickets. With configurable customer service automation, this process is seamless. This not only helps your support reps, it helps provide better organization and communication across all departments. For example, if a sales rep needs information on a client’s ticket history, an automated system allows them to see exactly which support reps have handled issues for that client. Regardless of which departments need information on specific clients, ticket automation creates a well-organized framework resulting in smoother internal communication.

Let Ticket Automation Boost Client Satisfaction

Customer expectations with regard to support service is growing. It’s important to stay ahead of your competition by keeping your internal support operation as streamlined as possible. Implementing automated ticketing through your B2B customer support software is one of the best ways to do this.

PhaseWare provides configurable customer service solutions to help B2B entities improve their client experience. Contact us to learn more.


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