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When IT management software review company, Software Advice, began researching customer relationship management (CRM) tools to recommend for improving the customer experience (CX), market researcher Craig Borowski found a perfect fit with PhaseWare’s Tracker.

“When companies begin focusing on CX, one challenge they often face is coming up with an accurate appraisal of their entire customer experience,” Borowski said. “And, given that these days customers experience brands through multiple channels, anything less than a complete CX appraisal is–or should be–unacceptable.”

Borowski goes on to praise Tracker’s ability to provide a complete CX picture of each customer. “Phaseware’s Tracker solves this challenge with its 360 degree view of the customer,” he said. “The way Tracker organizes customer information makes it easy to see exactly what kind of experience customers are receiving on individual channels and in total. It solves one of the most common challenges businesses face when they decide to improve CX.”

The fact that Tracker provides this as a feature within a very well-rounded customer service platform is itself a big bonus, as we found in this report on improving CX,” Borowski said.

Tracker easily manages a plethora of customer information: contacts, assets, products, service packages, maintenance agreements, email lists, and more. With instant access through information screens, customer service representatives (CSRs) immediately see contacts, incidents, billing, licensing purchase history, and SLA agreements.

In Borowski’s study, 4 Steps to Avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and Improve Customer Experience, he describes the four-step model, shown below, for improving the customer experience.

Four Step Model for Customer Experience Improvement

Step 1: Understand

The first step is to understand if and how CX relates to your business model. It’s a rare instance in which CX does not impact the business. One way to determine if the CX matters to your business is to use the following image. As you navigate through the question tree, answering yes to any question means that CX does matter to the success of your business.

Does Customer Experience Matter to Your business

Step 2: Identify

The second step is to identify what processes most impact CX. Here, Borowski suggests using a customer journey map to illustrate the steps a customer goes through while engaging with your company. The following illustration is an example of a customer journey map for a software trial period.

Journey Map for Software Offered Through Trial Period

This example illustrates each touchpoint in the customer journey. But as the study points out, not all touchpoints carry the same weight in the eyes of the customer. Therefore, it is best to find out what customers think are the touchpoints to address first when you set out to improve the CX.

Tracker enables you to gather feedback at specific touchpoints and across different journey maps, so you can make an informed decision about what touchpoints to improve first.

PhaseWare Feedback Form

Step 3: Implement

By using surveys and other data to determine the first areas of improvement, businesses can begin investing in tools and processes to address customers’ pain points. For example, tools such as robust knowledge management systems and Live Chat are easy to implement and allow customers to correct simple misunderstanding about a product.  This is explored in more depth in the complete Software Advice study.

Step 4: Measure

After companies implement their CX improvement initiatives, they can easily tie the results to the bottom line. Again, surveys and opinion-gathering tools are useful to learn what your customers are thinking. Sometimes numbers tell the story through reduced support calls and, in the example of the trial version, results in more customers converting from the trial to a subscription.

Tracker fills the bill for improving CX

Tracker provides a robust, yet affordable, solution for providing B2B customers with a best-in-class experience. The loyalty of Tracker’s customer base speaks to its ability to provide unrivaled customer relationship management.

“We know from speaking with users and from the user reviews on our site that Tracker is loved by those who rely on it daily, and this makes it an easy product for us to highlight,” Borowski said.

An Oracle report found that 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. Does the customer experience impact your business’s bottom line? Request a demo today to start your own CX improvement initiative.




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