Don’t hang up yet on your phone support

Live Chat and self-help are the preferred methods of support for many people and certainly of Millennials. So why not just forego the whole customer phone support thing, anyway? After all, it’s expensive and resource-intensive; customer support agents can’t multitask when they’re on the phone and you wouldn’t want them to do that anyway. Perhaps Bob in Accounting would like to see you cut operating expenses and doing away with phone support would help the profit margins. What could it hurt, getting rid of the support number? 

Plenty, actually. Though customers like the convenience of having multiple channels of support, such as chat, FAQs, portals, and social media, there are circumstances that demand the ability for customers to call support and have a real-time conversation. 

It’s complicated

How many times have you listened through the entire range of options on an automated system, hoping that your particular issue is on the menu (“Press 6 for ‘It’s complicated and it’s going to take a while to explain.’ ”), but knowing that your only hope is the option to speak to a customer support representative? When customers experience issues that don’t fall within the 80% scenario case, they need real-time help from experts. 

It’s urgent

Live Chat is able to address the complication issue, but depending on how quickly the customer can type and how quickly the agent can respond (and the agent is likely multi-tasking), customers with urgent needs will typically find it quicker to just pick up the phone and call.

 It’s your chance to shine

When customers call with urgent and complicated issues, a customer service superstar will go a long ways toward defusing frustration and guiding the conversation to better understand the problems behind the symptoms. The agent’s ability to see the big picture and draw upon his or her experience of helping other customers goes a long ways in winning the customer’s confidence that the agent can solve the problem. 

Of course, having a robust software solution from which to pull customer information, call histories, and from which to easily search the knowledgebase is the glue that can hold the whole customer support department together. If you’ve hired the best, trained them well, and given them the tools they need to have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, your customers have an opportunity to experience your brand at its best whenever they have an interaction with your customer support agents.


Tracker provides your customer support agents with virtually all the information they need to resolve complex, urgent issues—and simple ones, as well. Whether your customers call you or prefer self-service or live chat, Tracker has you covered. Request a demo and we’ll show you why our customers love our fully-configurable customer support software.





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