A Unified Platform for Customer Service and Support

A pound-for-pound contender with even the biggest heavyweights, the PhaseWare Tracker Platform combines several discrete elements to deliver full-force customer service solutions adaptable to the most challenging customer service environments.

Taken as a whole, the PhaseWare Tracker Platform ensures a timely, consistent, and rewarding customer experience; while providing support agents with a sense of comfort and familiarity.

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Tracker Ticketing

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets, hand-scrawled notes, and lost case notes. Tracker Ticketing allows you to create tickets, or cases, from e-mail, phone calls, or Web requests, using its fantastic artificial intelligence features to keep cases organized regardless of complexity or how many people get involved.

Aside from being just good management practice, clean organization keeps you focused on what’s most important—the customer experience.

Tracker Event Engine

With a widely customizable variety of business rules and triggers, Tracker Event Engine helps you automate support to speed things up and exercise greater control over the customer support environment.

For instance, simple account management questions can be directed to tier-one support, while complex or highly technical questions are automatically directed to tier-two support or higher. Additionally, cases regarding specific issues or high-profile customers can be prioritized accordingly.

Tracker Self-Service Center

With a 24/7 Web portal like the Tracker Self-Service Center, you can give support your customers anytime, anywhere. As a customer-focused organization, of course, you want your customers to never experience issues with your product or service. Also, from a cost standpoint, it helps the bottom line when it costs less to run your support organization. Tracker Self-Service Center provides a happy medium, where your customers get round-the-clock access to your best support answers without burdening the physical customer support center. And, today, more and more customers prefer doing it themselves anyway.

Tracker E-mail Integration

As top dog in the business communications realm, e-mail is ubiquitous. Love it or hate it, people expect it. And though it’s often the most convenient method for customers on the go, customer support e-mail has long been a one-way channel (think: donotreply@frustratedcustomer.com).

With its integrated Mail Checker and artificial intelligence features, Tracker E-mail Integration seamlessly integrates e-mail into the overall customer support platform, creating a powerful tool for two-way customer service communication.

Tracker Knowledge Base

Knowledge management enables the most basic function of customer service—answering customer questions. Doing it well is imperative to customer service success. Tracker KB combines troubleshooting and resolution documentation, case histories, and customer information into a single, searchable knowledge base with tools for workflow management, content collaboration, and reporting.

With customer service agents spending a majority of their customer interaction time searching for solutions, Tracker KB allows these agents to reduce search time, increase solution accuracy, and provide a more consistent customer experience.

Tracker Designer

Aside from the database and workflow customizations designed to make the platform fit your business, Tracker Designer allows administrators to create custom screens based on agent roles, groups, or other security settings.

Functionally, each user will be presented with a screen containing only the information and fields needed to do their job. Screens, fields, tabs, data formats, and field names can all be configured to the specific customer environment. With this simple, quick tool, new fields and customizations can be added in just minutes without any further programming or technical support from PhaseWare.

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