Be Legendary! Powerful Customer Service and Support

Over the course of this past week, I’ve discussed a recent Walmart misadventure where a single act of good customer service left me with a positive impression despite my own lousy experience.

The experience got me thinking about what I value from the companies that call me a customer, and where Walmart misses the mark. I began to wonder why they continually disappoint me when I have such low expectations to begin with.

Ultimately, I decided the distaste in my mouth came from the disingenuous customer brand that doesn’t reflect the actual experience. Essentially, their branding and culture suggest an experience other than what I see time and time again.

In contrast to this disconnect between saying and doing, PhaseWare strives to deliver on high expectations. And this commitment is most evident through our commitment to customer support. And what is the PhaseWare customer service mission? BE LEGENDARY!


Through the Legendary Support Program, PhaseWare demonstrates the flat-out awesomeness of our platform every day. With personalized support on a one-to-one basis, our Legendary Support Team ensures quick responses, great answers, and bottom-line results.

PhaseWare takes its reputation as an experience-focused customer support organization quite seriously. We want to provide memorable, best-of-the-best experiences. With these expectations in mind, as well as those of our customers, we introduced LEGENDARY SUPPORT.

A challenging mission in its own right, PhaseWare enters the fray with an even higher degree of difficulty as we use the PhaseWare Tracker Platform to support our own customers. To face down this dual challenge, PhaseWare seeks to WOW each customer, while simultaneously demonstrating the flat-out awesomeness of PhaseWare solutions.


As any software geek worth his salt already knows, legendary is more than just a memorable tale of achievement, a parable of the lessons learned and battles fought throughout human history. LEGENDARY is also the highest difficulty setting in the Halo video game franchise.

“You face opponents who have never known defeat, who laugh in alien tongues at your efforts to survive. This is suicide.”

–    Description of the LEGENDARY difficulty setting in the first two installments of Halo

The badge awarded for completing a LEGENDARY campaign carries hardcore cred throughout Halo Nation. It is an achievement of truly LEGENDARY proportions. Here at PhaseWare, we regard our customer support with equal reverence. The PhaseWare logo is our badge. When you see it, you should expect nothing short of LEGENDARY.

Perhaps this seems a little nerdy, but Halo success carries weight in the gaming world. The multibillion-dollar franchise now spans 8 titles over 11 years, and PhaseWare CEO Randall Nelson is currently working on his eighth LEGENDARY badge. If you ever wonder about PhaseWare’s ability to rise to the challenge, just remember that little fact.

We don’t just aspire to be great, TODAY WE ARE LEGENDARY!

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