PhaseWare for Customer Service Automation

Here in the final installment on Automation, Not Mechanization; it’s time to talk a little PhaseWare. We’ve recently made the case for automation in customer service, offered tips for automation in customer service, and discussed some customer and process behaviors driving the need for automation.

Today, we’ll talk about how PhaseWare does automation. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the Event Engine.

Tracker Event Engine

As the business rules module in PhaseWare Tracker, the Event Engine allows our customers to monitor their data and activities and easily automate a multitude of actions based on specific criteria. For instance, you can automate e-mail responses acknowledging incidents when customers submit them. Or, you could suggest knowledge base articles based on the incident description when customers use the Self-Service Center to submit issues.

While there are many other uses for the Event Engine, the following examples are some of the most commonly automated activities:

Automate Escalation and Notification

Stay on top of the hot issues by automatically identifying critical problems and assigning them to a higher support level. An alert then lets you know a new issue is on the way.

Generate Tickets from E-Mail and Web Submissions

No need to assign an agent to monitor email or your web portal for issues as these are automatically turned into tickets with the event engine assigning them to technicians, including severity.

In addition, the response email contains suggested solutions from your knowledge base, FAQs, and other documentation.

Update Customers through Regular Communication

Keep your customers up-to-date on the progress of their open tickets and let them know when the ticket is closed by setting Event Engine to send emails at important junctures.

The customer does not have to wonder when their problem will be solved. They will automatically receive an email as soon as the issue is resolved.

Receive Alerts for Increased Activity

Find out fast and react promptly if ticket queues start to back up, if you are about to miss a service level agreement deadline, or if there is unusual customer or problem activity of any kind. Don’t let missed SLAs make a dent in the bottom line and in your customer satisfaction ratings.

Create and Distribute Reports

Reports on customer, agent, or incident ticket activity can be sent according to a predetermined schedule or threshold. No need to wait for reports to be issued manually on request.

To learn more about the PhaseWare Event Engine, other commonly automated tasks, or to see an example of the Event Engine workflow, download our new Event Engine data sheet (no registration necessary).


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