Don’t Be a Customer Service Robot: More Tips for Automation

Last week, PhaseWare announced a new eBook entitled Automation, Not Mechanization. In this space, we’ve already discussed the need for moderation when automating—it should not devolve into a cold and mechanical system. With the right customer service and support software, you can automate steps between open and close to gain efficiency, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction.

We’ve also provided some tips for choosing solutions for automation in customer service. Today, we’ll share some more insight from the eBook Automation, Not Mechanization.

What Drives the Need for Automation

In today’s customer service and support environment, what common issues are driving the need for automation? The following points highlight a few of the big ones:

  • Duplication of effort, slow responses, poor or lost documentation, and inconsistent escalation procedures are failures of the system that cost time, money, and customers
  • Businesses want to offer the highest level of service possible without incurring unnecessary expenses
  • Automation can help reduce headcounts and lower budgets even as workload increases
  • Customers expect a high level of service regardless of anything else a business does
  • They are brutally unforgiving of any perception of incompetence
  • Current market competition makes it extremely easy for them to change providers

Automation for Process Efficiency

Superior service at a time when hiring more staff is not feasible requires superior customer service and support software with automation capability. The following areas offer a good start for automating your customer support processes:

  • Perform repetitive stepwise processes without missing a step
  • Initiate and complete tasks on schedule
  • Hit every milestone of processes requiring intervention at specific times
  • Automate simple tasks to free staff for the important work of caring for your customers

For more information on automation in customer service, download PhaseWare’s eBook Automation, Not Mechanization.

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