Reading Your Customer’s Mind

The other day I was using my Pandora account and I realized how customer service is changing. When Pandora was first introduced, it was known for its ability to enter in a few songs you liked and then it would automatcally create a playlist for you. If a song came on that you didn’t like, you just rejected it, it skipped it and went on to the next song.

Shortly after that, I noticed many things are taking after Pandora: forexample, Amazon sends out emails on deals and offers they think you will like.  So what does this mean for customer support and service?

Customers now will expect to have their needs understood without having to say much. Four your Customer Support, this means collecting data and having the knowledge base to see patterns and solutions that you can offer to the customer based on the little information they are giving you. Customers will soon expect to feel like you are helping them without them even having to ask. It is turning into an information-based society versus an advertisement-based. Customers want to feel like you are adding value and going beyond their expectations. Going beyond expectations is expected.

Consistency and predictability are important when providing support to your customers. Customer Support should have the capabilities that are needed to help the customers in the best possible ways… reading the customer’s mind will soon be the Customer Support way.    

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