Types of Customers


These pay for a product or service and are outside of the company. These are the most common type of customers that often need support. Whenever someone buys a product or service that is located outside of the company, they are an external paying customer. They play an important role and it is important to turn them into loyal customers.


These are outside of the company but don’t pay directly. An example of this is a patron that visits a public library. When you don’t exchange revenue, it is easy to forget how important of a role the customers play, so it is important that no matter what type they are, you treat them with the respect that any customer should receive.


These are customers that get information and are located within the business. An example would be an IT Support department that helps maintain the technology-based workspace for other employees. It is their duty to make sure their customers are served. Even though they are other employees, it doesn’t eliminate the importance of this position.  


These customers are part of a service that is offered. Typically it is things such as the police who protect the laws and are regulated by the government. Even though they are regulated, the customers they service are still an important part of who they service.

With four different types it is important to understand who you are providing customer support to. Stick to the basics and satisfy the fundamental component of your business and providing services to your customer will be easy. Jeff Jacobsen

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