Ways to Improve Customer Support Culture

It is important that at every level within a company, meeting customers expectations by improving your customer support culture is at the forefront of the mind. Ways to improve your customer support culture are:

Building a good foundation- this means starting with employees. Employees should get a good dose of your culture from the first interaction they have with the company. This means in training and orientation customer service should be a priority even if they don’t deal directly with customers. Planting the seed from the get go helps build a customer service oriented culture.

Make your service visible- make sure that customers know how they can reach your customer support services. Management should be visible to customers as well showing that it is important to your culture. When you set clear expectations and managers are an example, everyone takes notice.

Evaluate your policies- Corporate policies on returns are another example. Companies that allow their employees to make customer related decisions on the spot, rather than have to have everything approved by a “higher up”, will also tend to be seen as “customer friendly”. Bacal & Associates

For a business to thrive in customer support, management must privide the energy and resources to spread that culture throughout the company. It is important that everyone on all levels understand that ultimately they work for the customer.


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