Who We Are: PhaseWare’s Secrets for Fast and Efficient Service

When it started out, your company was your baby. You did everything for it, from sales to service to number-crunching behind the scenes. Now that it’s more grown up, it may be time to reassess how the workload is being spread out—specifically in regards to customer service.

Maybe, when your company was in its early stages, you used simple or freeware methods of organizing your customer service department, or maybe you just handled the whole situation with homemade spread sheets and post-it notes. While these systems can have their advantages, the input/output ratio for their effectiveness may fall a little flat when compared with a professional customer service software system, built and tailored to your business’ needs.

Because it’s called “customer service software,” it may seem like the main function of our product is to service the customer. But it isn’t. The secret is, the most pivotal functions of customer service software are to simplify, accelerate, and enhance the experience of the agent using it. A happy worker means a happy business. PhaseWare’s unparalleled list of product features will create a positive, stress-free customer experience environment that will show in your employee satisfaction rates and in your company’s numbers.

At the top of the list is PhaseWare’s Tracker, which will handle the intake of an infinite (literally, infinite) number of ticket openings, organize each ticket according to your own customizable specifications, track and monitor SLA compliance, and provide an all around CRM system you can count on. Tracker is the top of the line customer relationship management service, without the top of the line price.

The cohort to our Tracker product is the Self Service Center, which takes time and pressure off of your agents to answer each and every customer inquiry. The Self Service Center provides customer support at a 24/7 level, which is fantastic for buyers with a DIY inclination. Features like the robust, easily searchable knowledge base, unique FAQ setup, downloadable content, and user-powered support forums will help the customers to help themselves through any manner of product or company questions they might have.

Lastly, PhaseWare is also proud to offer the Event Engine, which will handle your complex service and support delivery environments. The Event Engine is a powerful business rules engine which will allow you to automate anything and everything at your own tailored, precise conditions. The ability to automate removes variability in your support responses, which will create a drastic decrease in any breakage of SLA compliance or business practices company-wide.

Your customer support system needs to be employee-centric, and PhaseWare is prepared to provide that every step of the way. It’s time to take your business to the next level!

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