Real Time Service Management: Using the Dashboard

Using a dashboard is a handy way to see how business is going moment to moment. While other reports can break out “who has how many?” and the peak traffic times to the service and support desk, a dashboard offers information in real time, as things happen. PhaseWare’s Tracker contains a dashboard capability to help manage SLA compliance and incident status.

For instance, you can view open incidents by agent over a four hour block of time.  As the incidents are opened and closed, the bar for each agent will move up or down.The agents included in the chart are listed on screen. Selecting an agent name will show the incidents assigned to that agent on the incident manager screen.

Another example: the SLA Success gauge can be set to display SLA response success or resolution success. The success rate is shown as a percentage and thresholds can be applied to view changes in the success rate. It can even be set to show a single priority.

A dashboard gives a visual of how things are going in real time so management can act as promptly as possible to various situations. Much better than seeing a report once a month showing how many SLAs were missed and which department had the most open incidents.

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