Customer Service: It’s All About the Experience

Customer service can be frustrating to say the least.  I’ve said before, customer service should be as fun as possible. It should not be thought of as a transaction, but an experience.  That’s where the term “customer experience” comes from. 

Try to really get to know your customers. Make their experience as personal as possible (in an appropriate way).

Don’t be afraid to talk about non-business items. Have fun, talk about sports, the most recent episode of the Bachelor, etc. You should know your customers so that you know what they like outside of a business experience.

-If you have a retail store or have customers come into your office on a regular basis, offer them a drink or a snack. Have cookies, veggies and dip, waters, soda, coffee—anything to make the experience a more fun one.

The customer experience matters. Period.  â€œWell my business provides a decent customer experience” you say? Not good enough. What are the two things customers remember most—horrible experiences and amazing ones. My mom and I went to get pedicures once and they offered me a mimosa and a cookie—not a lot of nail salons offer snacks, let alone alcohol (but make sure it’s appropriate for your business environment). This is an experience I won’t forget. They did what I preach… they went that extra step in providing an excellent customer service experience.

How does your business provide an amazing experience?

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