Customer Service Communication

I know this topic seems redundant and simple, but it’s still so hard for companies and customers to understand. Communication is a must if you want to have a successful relationship—whether it’s business or personal. I have picked four different ways you can help your communication, especially in customer service, and why they’re important.

Be open.  If you’re having an issue, don’t hold it in. The only thing that will do is let the issue fester within you and then you will get more upset at the next minor issue that occurs.

Talk Time. Phone tag is annoying—let the business know when you’re most likely to be at your desk or available to talk if something comes up.  

Cultural Barriers. If you have customers in other countries, do some research on their customs… what’s appropriate, what’s not, do they have certain gestures they consider to be disrespectful that we wouldn’t bat an eye for? This is something good to think about if you have any customer from a different culture or country.

Constructive Criticism.  It’s okay to give a business your opinion but be reasonable and productive with your critique. Have a suggestion for how they could fix the issue.

These are just a few simple, yet effective ways you can communicate well with your customers and vice versa.
Why do you think communication is so important? Do you have any tips to share?

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