Top Customer Service Trend in 2012

Forrester recently released their Top 15 Trends for Customer Service in 2012. I could not agree with the number one trend more, “Organizations Will Internalize the Importance of the Universal Customer History Record”. What does this mean? This means that customer service agents will have complete and total access to the customer’s entire history. This will include prior phone calls, emails, etc. Any interaction the customer has had with your business—your agents need to be able to see it.

For a simple example, what if a customer calls in and asks if there has been a resolution with their incident they submitted two days ago? A different agent answers. You don’t want your customer to have to explain the issue all over again—that’s incredibly inefficient and frustrating for both parties involved. Wouldn’t it be easier to pull up a file with the customer’s history—the agent can read what the previous agent wrote and it will take a lot less time and save your customer some serious annoyance.

At PhaseWare, we offer the best solution there is—Tracker. Tracker helps your business stay organized and efficient. With multichannel service capabilities, audit trails, do-it-yourself customization and more, this simple solution will help your customer service department excel and provide the best customer service and support possible. 

How do you manage your customer’s data?

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