Amazing Customer Service… Disappearing Like the Rainforest

Here at PhaseWare, we are beginning to work on our fourth video blog (“Vlog”) and it will “take place” in the Rainforest/jungle.  As I was sifting through pictures and videos of rainforests, I came across some interesting facts about the rainforest. We all know they’re disappearing… I just didn’t realize how quickly it was happening, how important it is to Earth, and just how similar it is to good customer service.  

The rainforest is essential to everyone and we will struggle to survive if it and its resources are depleated. When I was reading about it, I thought of customer service and how great customer service is being depleated and how companies are looking for quantity as opposed to quality, which is unfortunate. However, there are those businesses that still work on excelling in customer service and building quality relationships with customers, such as those that I have blogged about before (Time Warner Cable, Crock-Pot, Nissan Juke, etc).  Customer service isn’t the worst it’s ever been, at least for me, as I’m seeing a little more postitive customer service out there, but it definitely has a LOT of room to improve so it doesn’t disappear like the rainforest.

Receiving good customer service shouldn’t be uncommon, it should be expected!

There are still those experiences that I know you have all had, where you’re just a number to a company.  Don’t let that happen! Businesses need to know how important you truly are to them and vice versa.  If you’re a business owner, you wouldn’t be where you are today without your customers, let them know how much you appreciate them & they will stay around.

Do you think exceptional customer service should be expected? Or is it important to get more customers served per day while sacrificing quality? 

Thank you for reading our blog, if you’re interested in learning more about the helping preserve the rainforest, check out this site to Adopt-A-Rainforest


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