Invest in Customer Service. It will never decrease in value.

With bad news coming on top of more bad news, it is a challenge to keep things running. One of the best investments for small to medium businesses (SMBs) is a customer service and support solution. Setting up this type of system will streamline many of the steps in providing customer service and automate some steps to keep things on track while keeping headcount steady.

For example, PhaseWare Tracker is the main component of the PhaseWare customer service and support solution. With Tracker customer information, incident information, SLA information, as well as a knowledge base and solutions database plus more is right at your fingertips. Event Engine automates many functions that may currently be handled on a piece meal basis with some of the pieces falling through the cracks. Self Service Center offers your customers support 24/7/365. This is where they can find answers to their questions, research problems, hob knob with other customers through forums, subscribe to content, and more.

All of these highly sophisticated solutions are available to smaller businesses at a reasonable cost. Look through PhaseWare’s website to see what is available.

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