Getting Through the Financial Meltdown

With all of the media screaming “Gloom n Doom” 24/7 for the past week, it can make it difficult to get on with business. But you must.

My advice? Turn off the TV/radio/World Wide Web/Newsgroups or anything else spouting depressing financial news. And take care of business. Just keep slogging (“just keep swimming, just keep swimming….”) and sooner or later we’ll all come out the other end of this. We always do. It may not be the way you planned it, it may not turn out the way you wanted or dreamed, but these things are not forever (it just seems like it at the time).

Hold tight to your current customers.

Give the absolute best customer service you can muster.

Know that you will still find new customers.

This too shall pass. And we will probably go through it again in the future; we humans don’t seem to learn from history very well. Just keep swimming.

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