My Big Fat Lazy Blog Post (about customer service topics)


Well, it’s Friday again. Amazing how that happens. Anyways, I wanted to share with you some other brilliant people’s content in this space so there is some variety.

Here are some other blog articles that really speak to various issues in customer service and support.

This first one has insight into how to develop and maintain a research community. The points made can be applied to any community really.

Elements of a Strong Research Community

If you like stats and advice on KPIs here is a little from another source:

A Compendium of Call/Contact Center Industry Statistics

Here’s one for every agent or customer-interacting person in your company, including you:

Handling Abusive Callers

I think you have time to read one more before remembering you have work to do 😉

10 Cent Wings

Have a great weekend! For the folks in Massachusetts,Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama, and other areas hit by the recent storms, I hope the weather will permit you to start moving forward with disaster repair.

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