Randstad’s Secret Weapon for Business Success: Company Culture


Randstad is a provider of HR and staffing resources so they like to understand what makes employees tick. To this end, they surveyed over 1,000 adults about what makes a business successful. The biggest indicator of how a company was functioning was company culture.

 In these days of recovery, you may being trying to find ways to kickstart your business but company culture may not be the first thing you think of. It should be; 66% of the respondents said company culture was critical to success.

Critical. Pretty strong word.

It helps to know a few details though, doesn’t it? Here are the top 5 elements the survey showed are most important to workers:

  1. Employee attitudes – 69%
  2. Effective management – 64%
  3. Strong trust relationships – 57%
  4. Customer focus – 55%
  5. High accountability standards – 50%

Employee attitude is #1 – indicating that company culture, the all pervasive environment your employees experience all day every day, is extremely important. As I have said before in this blog:

Happy Employees=Happy Customers

Dr. Eileen Habelow, VP of Organizational Development at Randstad, recommended that companies trying to move company culture in a positive direction should concentrate on:

  • Building employee morale through incentive and training programs
  • Clearly define values through mission and vision statements
  • Put strong leaders in place to set cultural tone and empower others
  • Encourage better relationships with both employees and customers

I think the biggest thing to remember is that your company is made up of people. Your decisions, your tone, your style all impact how they feel about the company and their jobs. And that impact can be felt by your customers, the very people keeping you in business.


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