Live Chat Customer Support: Tips on Implementing Live Chat

Usually we think of implementation of a new service as the step that happens directly before launch. But implementation actually begins with the identification of the major goals of the company for multichannel service.

  • Consider the factors affecting the decision to choose chat over another channel.
  • Create a pros & cons analysis table to aid decision-making.
  • Write rules to reflect those goals, for example:
    • Customer lifetime value increase
    • Customer history capture
    • Customer tenure increase
    • Customer frequency increase

When you are determining which software application to use, consider these items:

  • how the type of application affects the volume of users,
  • the types of questions, and
  • the demographics of the users.
  • Whether the application can handle all the instant messaging or chat functions you need such as pushing scripts and URLs.

When first offering Live Chat, you may be able to have agentsblend their duties around chat, email, and/or phone support until traffic requires a more dedicated team to a particular channel. However, Chip Gleidman, Vice President and Principle Analyst for Forrester Research, suggests it is inadvisable to allow agents to perform service on more than one channel at any time. In that case, all channels must have dedicated agents. This decision is very much tied to your business needs.

Once all the decisions have been made, the processes mapped, software identified and installed, and agents trained, run a pilot of your newly implemented Live Chat Software and make any needed changes before finalizing the process.

And then, Cinderella and Prince Charming…you will be too tired to go to the ball, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing your new support channel works.

There is one more post about Live Chat Support for this series that will be posted later this week.

I hope this series has answered any questions you may have had if you have been considering adding chat to your line-up. If not, please feel free to leave questions in the comment section. I will do my best to help you answer them.


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