Live Chat Customer Service: Agent and Information Management

Besides using live chat for customer support, it can also help with information management. Tie your chat resources to trending, data mining, reporting, and workflow management. The additiona information can help pinpoint problems with support, products, processes and services.

More dimensions are added to customer service and information management using live chat. For instance, a supervisor can easily monitor support sessions, offering suggestions to the agent without disrupting the session, or by taking over the session if needed yet maintaining the stream with the customer without transferring. The transcript can then be tied to the customer record and history. This information can also be used to identify groups for special marketing. And answers from the chat sessions can be added to the knowledge base for future use.

As for routing the chat session to the appropriate group or agent,  live chat makes it possible to see where on the site the customer is and has been, making it much easier to schedule and route any requests to the right agent.


This wraps up my series on using Live Chat for Customer Support. Below are links to the other blog entries. And you can also download our White Paper for more information:

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