Multichannel Customer Service and Support: The Series

Marketing is not the only area that is taking advantage of the multiple communications channels available to both customers and businesses. Customer service and support is quickly becoming multichannel as well, responding to customer pressure to offer different ways to engage them in the way they desire.

Right now only a few companies offer more than a channel or two. Many are struggling with how the available channels can be used in their businesses. Still others have committed to using multichannel support but have run into difficulties with integration and consistancy of service.

I am starting a series of posts about multichannel customer service and support. I  define multichannel service and support. I offer statistics about best in class businesses that give multichannel support, success guidelines, some potential pitfalls during implementation, benchmarking, and tips for the different channels.

Certainly PhaseWare solutions make it possible for any company to use any or all other these channels effictively and efficiently, but whether you use our solution or not, I think now is the time to start learning about all this while you still have a chance to think and learn. If you wait too long, catching up will include making mistakes in implementation and service that have been resolved already by other businesses, meaning customers will no longer tolerate them.

See you back here as the series unfolds.

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