My Dream: To Revolutionize the Customer Service Industry

Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we recently celebrated, had a famous speech, “I have a dream”. Mr. King’s dream was far-reaching, inspiring, and historic. As I thought about this, I realized that I too have a dream, although certainly not in the same league as his.

I have a dream that PhaseWare’s software will revolutionize the customer service industry and no customer will cringe at the idea of dealing with customer service departments. I have a dream that one day customers and businesses will discover the benefits of online self-service centers. I have a dream that customers will experience the joy of reporting issues at their convenience and not waste their precious time and cell phone minutes waiting for a company representative to talk to them at the company’s convenience. I have a dream that businesses will be more cost-efficient because of less call volume and reduced service handling time.

I have a dream that all companies everywhere will turn to PhaseWare’s Event Engine which allows nothing to be forgotten, where incidents are automatically sorted, and the right people are sent notifications at the right time. I have a dream that those businesses will see that Event Engine increases productivity and decreases errors as does the new Tracker On-Demand. This is my hope, that businesses are more effective because they can track of every issue, analyze recurring incidents, and keep tabs on customer information without having to reload the page every time.

This is the day that the dream can be realized. This is the day we say that customers can be free from frustrating call-waiting and businesses can be released from inefficiency. Now is the hour to discover liberation in PhaseWare software.

Today, I have a dream.

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