Why is Good Customer Service So Hard to Get?

 I want to offer links to a couple of stories that came out recently about customer service, how to deliver it, and how NOT to deliver it.

 This first one shows that, while companies are “getting” customer service, many still don’t understand the entire customer service milieu. It is the customer service equivalent of the more publicly squeaky wheel getting the grease at the expense of the quieter squeakers.

Silent Majority Risks Worse Customer Service as Companies Monitor Social Media


This next story also shows that, while companies do “get it”, they ham-string their employees and make it impossible to deliver the service the customer expects.

5 Tech Tips for Better Service


Finally, what better place than Disney to learn how to leap those tall buildings of customer service without breaking a sweat.

How Disney Works to Win Repeat Customers

Do you have any stories to share? Leave a comment! We love to hear from you.

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