Are You Really Listening to Your Customers’ Feedback?

One of the best ways to improve your product along with the support you provide is by collecting customer feedback. If you’ve implemented customizable customer support software, you have a number of ways to interact with your clients and gain valuable insight into your services. However, if you’re not properly listening to this feedback, you’re missing out on a chance to grow.

It turns out the problem may not lie in the tools you use to acquire feedback, but the approach you’re taking. It may be time to rethink your strategy on how you are listening to your customers and what you’re using the information. Let’s go over some ideas that will help you transform the way your company listens to and utilizes client feedback.

Giving Feedback Shouldn’t Always Feel Automated

With configurable customer service software, you have the ability to gauge the support experience you’re providing through in-depth metrics. This information helps determine what changes need to occur in order to improve your product.

However, you should also take a conversational approach when collecting customer feedback. This allows you to cater your responses and follow-up questions in order to get the most useful information from your clients regarding an issue. This may require more direct outreach on the part of your support reps, but this natural interaction is sure to garner more valuable and thorough feedback. This immediate engagement will also promote a healthier interaction, allowing your clients to be more articulate with their input.

Let Your Clients’ Needs Drive Feedback

Many organizations schedule customer outreach in order to gather feedback. While there’s a good chance this will provide them with valuable information, it’s usually based on the needs of the organization, not the customer. Although this is a good way to measure past success, it’s not the best approach for making future changes based on the client’s needs.

A good way to gather client-driven feedback is by initiating an interaction once certain milestones have been met. This way you know the customer is about to face different challenges regarding your product and can offer feedback on how you can better assist them. This kind of ongoing, customer-centric feedback allows you to provide long-term solutions during the lifetime of their service agreement. Using customizable customer support software to automate this process means you’ll never miss an opportunity to let the client help drive their own success.

Increasing Value Through Customer Input

Gathering product and service data means nothing if you’re not increasing your value to the customer. Surveys help to collect client feedback, but what happens next? Are these metrics stored away and used in quarterly reports but never acted upon?

Instead of viewing client surveys as the final step in gathering feedback, use them as a way to instigate further interaction. Provide outreach in the form of a follow-up call with the client to discuss the results of the survey and answer any questions they may have. This will allow you to better align your service with your clients’ needs and bring more value to your business relationship.

Don’t Let Customer Feedback Fall Between the Cracks

You owe it to your clients to provide top product support during every stage of the service agreement. Using configurable customer service software is the perfect start, but you need to take things further by listening to customer feedback. Use the tips above and grow your business in the right direction.

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