AI Can Help More Than a Customer Service Support Team Thinks

Automation has never been more prominent than it is today. Almost everything, from making purchases to booking a hotel room, can be done from a smartphone. This is largely due to artificial intelligence. AI-powered tools are bringing a level of convenience and speed the consumer marketplace has never experienced before. One area that’s making huge strides due to AI is customer support.

B2B organizations can’t compete anymore unless they offer top-notch customer service for their products. That’s why many businesses are now taking advantage of B2B customer support software tools that utilize artificial intelligence. However, many support teams don’t fully realize the entire potential of AI. Let’s take a look at what these tools are capable of.

Uninterrupted Service

Providing 24/7 customer support is becoming something businesses and consumers expect. Failing to offer it could result in customer churn. This is the beauty of AI-powered tools. They don’t take time off. Clients can interact with chatbots to get answers to their questions, regardless of what time it is. Plus, because AI can interpret keywords within a chat session, they can deliver links to relevant knowledge base content. This means the client doesn’t have to wait until the next day to contact a live agent.

Boost Omnichannel Support Service

Artificial intelligence doesn’t only help resolve client issues in real-time. It can also direct customers to the right departments or resources so they can get the best answer possible. All this happens seamlessly so client frustration is avoided. However, this doesn’t mean the support agent is excluded from the equation. Instead, agents can now work behind the scenes to monitor and assist with omnichannel support services. Plus, because AI-powered tools take care of a large portion of the workload, agents can concentrate on providing better support for issues that require live interaction.

Insights Based on Predictive AI

When a business understands what their client base wants from a support standpoint, they can provide a much better customer experience. AI helps by recording client trends and providing insights geared toward custom-tailored solutions. For example, if a support team learns that customers are utilizing the self-service knowledge base for certain features of a product, they can work on enhancing the content to help clients even more. They can also provide proactive support focused on stopping issues from arising. AI can learn what the best possible response would be for a client ticket or chatbot interaction. Providing these insights will cut down on human error and help improve client satisfaction.

Save Time and Money

Finally, tools that use artificial intelligence can help a business save time and money in several ways. First, by streamlining the support process, a business won’t need to hire additional agents for specific tasks such as ticket routing. AI technology can also help train new agents more efficiently so they can get up to speed faster than in the past. This ensures a consistent level of customer service, regardless of how long the agent has been with the business.

Let AI Work for You

In a support environment, artificial intelligence doesn’t only help provide quick answers to client questions. It can completely overhaul the way a support department functions.

Let PhaseWare provide you with B2B customer support software and harness the power of AI now. Contact us to get started.

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