What’s In Store for Customer Support Surrounding Artificial Intelligence

Today, it seems like technology is always one step ahead of us. We get targeted ads on social media based on past internet searches and business recommendations based on purchasing trends. This is all a result of digital tools that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the coming years, these tools will continue to evolve in more and more industries.

One area where AI has had a huge impact is customer support. B2B organizations that rely on a strong product support infrastructure are able to provide a customer experience that previously wasn’t possible. AI-powered tools are also changing the ways support teams operate, which means working in the support industry is now a whole new experience altogether. Let’s take a look at how artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of customer support.

A Better Understanding of Client Trends

The more a support team knows about their clients, the better they can serve them. This means determining what support channels they prefer to use, how long they typically take to create tickets or what content in a knowledge base they find useful. AI can take the guesswork out of this process by analyzing trends in real-time. This allows a support team to provide a custom-tailored experience. For example, if a client accesses knowledge base information surrounding a specific topic, agents can provide proactive support when a product update happens. This reduces the chances of that client needing additional help after the update. In addition, AI-powered tools can tell if a client is benefiting from follow-up emails and alert agents if a touchpoint phone call needs to be made.

The Ability to Interpret Client Mood

One of the big complaints about chatbots is they rely solely on information and can’t interpret a client’s mood. AI has the power to change that. Now, chatbots with AI technology can pick up on keyword phrases to determine if the client is frustrated or confused. This gives businesses the chance to intervene and provide live assistance when needed. By integrating configurable customer support software, agents will be able to move between channels and pick up the slack when a chatbot session fails. In the future, AI phone support will be able to analyze the tone of a client’s voice to provide the appropriate assistance.

Effectively Routing Client Issues

If a business supplies a complex product, they likely have different departments that must deal with certain issues. It’s essential that customers get routed to the right people without having to be transferred over and over. Chatbots have the capability to route customers to any department upon request. But what if the client doesn’t know who they need to be talking to. Artificial intelligence makes it possible for a chatbot to route customers to the right department based on keywords. This means agents can be sure the issue is being handled by the right person. Not only does this make things easier for the support team, but it also helps improve client satisfaction.

Add AI-Powered Tools to Your Operation Today

Artificial intelligence is currently changing the face of customer support. In order to stay competitive, you need these tools in your arsenal.

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