Trimming Your Ticket Times

Timing is everything. As you watch the Olympics this year, take into account the constant state of improvement in the athletic world. Records are being broken in every event, bars are being raised, and times are being trimmed, little by little. But it’s these little improvements that make the necessary difference to set a champion apart from the crowd. To offer your customers quick resolution with the speed of Olympic standards, it’s important to have a few tools on your side.

Firstly, you will need to give your customers the ability to access self-service tools. Creating and maintaining a rich, searchable knowledge base (KB) is one of the key ways in which you can get your customer involved with your product and free your agents up from customer service lines. Having a solid KB platform is one of the best methods of incident deflection on the market today, and PhaseWare’s software is designed with natural language search options and result ranking capabilities that will consistently answer your customers’ concerns with very little upkeep required. Other elements of self-service that you can use to deflect potential customer inquiries include FAQ pages, online forums, and downloadable resource options.

Another component to reducing your resolution times lies behind the scenes, through internal collaboration. You’ve got a lot of experts on your team, so it’s important to encourage communication between departments and agents to improve the flow of information from one side of the company to the other. You increase collaborative support by advocating employee use of KB and opening it up for moderated submissions, providing your workforce with reliable internal communication like PhaseWare’s e-mail integration, and creating company-wide events like ice-cream socials, goal contests, and cross-department conferences.

Speeding up your resolution times can also be achieved through little tweaks like allowing attachments from the customers onto your tickets. This can relay a ton information from customer to agent very quickly, with a high level of accuracy, enabling the agent to identify the issue and begin formulating a solution almost immediately. Plus, with PhaseWare’s new app, attachments are available in the mobile format, too!

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re making the ticket process as streamlined as possible is to give your customers and your associates the power to access all the information they need from any format they choose. Omni-channel support and self-service will reconcile information provided across every contact point to create one, fully inclusive, 360° view of each customer’s profile, no matter where you login. This means you won’t have to spend time hopping from app to app trying to piece together what the customer has gone through, you can just begin immediately on providing them with the next best step.


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