The Different Ways AI Can be Defined in B2B Customer Support

B2B companies have started to embrace artificial intelligence within their customer support departments. This makes perfect sense in a world where people require higher levels of speed and convenience than they ever have before. Old-school technology simply won’t cut it, especially when service level agreements are in place and the B2B industry keeps getting more and more competitive.

However, for many B2B support departments, the phrase “artificial intelligence” can seem a little vague. Yes, these tools help you provide a better customer experience, but how? It’s important for support managers, executives, and business owners to get more acquainted with AI as it applies to customer service. That’s why we’re going over how AI can be defined in a B2B support environment.

Chatbot Technology

One of the most impactful ways AI has changed the B2B support landscape is through chatbots. In the past, these tools simply provided robotic assistance as an alternative to phone or email inquiries. But AI has transformed the way chatbots work. Now, these tools can give clients dynamic, personalized assistance that comes closer to what live agents provide. They can also track client trends to help support departments scale their infrastructure and continue to refine the customer experience they provide.

Automated Support

Live support agents who spend most of their time performing busy work stand to benefit the most from AI-powered tools. Why? This technology is all about automation, which means manual tasks like fielding requests, sending generic follow-up emails, and logging client data are no longer necessary. AI provides a high level of customer support automation, allowing agents to supervise the support operation and only provide direct service when their skills are needed and appreciated.

Data Analytics

Support departments can’t grow unless they know what’s working and what’s not. This means that analyzing metrics on a regular basis is crucial. However, manually collecting data is time-consuming and hardly cost-effective. But with AI, support teams get valuable data delivered to them in real-time. This allows for a bird’s eye view of the team’s performance along with how clients are choosing to interact with the business. This information can be used to make operational changes geared toward improving customer satisfaction.

Machine Learning

One of the biggest strengths of artificial intelligence is its ability to evolve on its own. It does this through a process called machine learning. This involves the use of data to learn more about a client base. Doing so results in more personalized service without the need for human involvement. This is a perfect solution for B2B organizations whose customers use their products in different ways. No more programming technology to adapt to client demand. AI does it on its own.

Get Connected with AI-Powered Tools Now

If your support department still uses outdated technology, it’s time to embrace the power of AI. Without it, you can’t serve your clients as well as your competition, and this will inevitably lead to customer churn.

PhaseWare can help by providing B2B customer support software and integrating into your current operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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