The Best Kept Secrets of Customer Engagement

The factors that lead to a consumer on the market choosing to select your product are intricate and important to harness if your company is to be a successful one. But once you manage to make the sale, the battle is only half over.

Customer engagement is an often-overlooked category of the sales department that can guarantee your company a whole heap of positive side effects – higher loyalty levels, satisfaction rates, repeat purchases, recommendations, and more. The impact that fully engaging a customer can have on your business is difficult to overstate. So it’s definitely in your best interest to invest. The question remains: how exactly do you get your buyers’ attention, and keep it? Here are the top 3 best kept secrets in the field of customer engagement.

1. Providing customer service is not about answering questions, it’s about asking them. Most commonly, your customers will interact with your company when they are in need of service. That is a huge opportunity for your company which is not always taken advantage of to its fullest extent. When a customer has a simple question, it is all too easy to provide the simple answer. But engaging the customer is about going the extra step. If someone lost their password, figure out why that may have happened. If someone has a broken product, figure out how you can change their future experience. Foresight and insight are the main characteristics to keep in mind.

2. Branding is more than a label. The perception of branding from an internal viewpoint is often disconnected as far as customer service agents are concerned. The branding department is someone else’s job. But the truth is, it is every person’s job in the company. The customers don’t interact with Dave from customer service, they interact with a voice, chat, or email with your brand logo on the header. As such, the brand should be treated as a personality that the whole company looks to embrace – when the customer can identify with a familiar face across the whole company, that’s when they will start to really engage.

3. Typical customer relations scenarios are NOT where engagement happens. Usually, when a customer is speaking with a member of your team, the encounter occurs through a customer service channel or a sales representative. While each of these situations has the potential to become influential to a customer’s engagement, it is not where your emphasis should lie. Customers in this era are confident and honest in other arenas, such as social media platforms or online forums. Customer engagement truly happens when a person feels they can be open to having a real conversation about their experience and your product, which is just not how it goes in the “me VS. you” situation with customer service or sales encounters. Reaching out into the world to find your customers in their element will result in a very intense relationship and engage your customer in a new way.

PhaseWare’s products are designed in such a way that you will be able to achieve your customer engagement goals with an adroit hand. The staff, setup, and system configurations are all arranged with your company’s success and your customer’s comfort in mind! The first step is to want to achieve, and the second is to get the right tools.

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