Select the best ticketing and issue tracking software for the way you work

Choices are awesome. Remember the days before we had cable TV, when we had only about 15 channels from which to choose? I think that explains why a lot of us who grew up in the 70s watched the same shows and remember every episode of Gilligan’s Island. (Those were also the days when we walked to school in the snow, up hill. Both ways.) 

As companies mature, they find more and better ways to serve their customers. Nowadays, the TV networks have the whole choice thing figured out—almost to a fault (seriously, there is a channel for dogs to watch other dogs). Similarly, new companies typically introduce products based on available technology and what they anticipate their customers need. But as they mature, the successful companies learn from their customers and tailor their products and services based on that knowledge. 

At 10 Years Old, PhaseWare has matured and continues to respond to their market’s needs with customer support management solutions designed to fit seamlessly within their customers’ work environments. An example of this is

PhaseWare’s flagship product, Tracker. As the best ticketing and issue tracking software in the industry, it supports CRM, multiple channels, customer self-service, knowledgebase management, and billing. It also supports the way you work, with four versions to choose from.

At the office

Tracker Desktop is now in its 8th release and has impressive number of features (so many that I’ll have to save that for another blog). In comparing it with the other Tracker flavors, Desktop is a PC-based and fully customizable, from security and reporting, down to the screens, fields, and labels. 

For: Companies that want full customization and the ability to run the program locally. 

On the web

Tracker OnDemand runs on the web, with no need for PC installation, but provides all the power of the desktop version. If you can run Microsoft Silverlight, you can run Tracker OnDemand in your favorite browser. 

For: People who want a browser-based version of all that Tracker Desktop offers. You can use it along with the Desktop version or by itself. 

On a tablet

The latest PhaseWare product, Tracker Beyond enables you to track issues, complaints, and stay up-to-date with customer support systems, while using virtually any browser. Whether your Tablet uses Apple, Windows, or Android, you can use Tracker Beyond without any plug-ins. And to continue the whole customization theme, you can use Screen Designer to customize the layout of your screens to match the way you work best. 

For: People who want the convenience of taking their Tracker product with them on any type of tablet. It’s great for the office or on the go. 

On a mobile device

Think of Tracker Mobile as the pint-sized version of Tracker, especially designed to run on your mobile device. But despite its size, it offers all the major Tracker functions. Tracker doesn’t require a download either; just point your mobile browser to the application. 

For: People who want the ultimate convenience of having Tracker’s major functions as close as their pocket.


In the 24/7 world of customer support, it’s particularly nice to be able to use a robust support management product wherever we are—be it in the office, on the train, or maybe even while sitting up in bed at 2AM watching cable TV.


Ready to try Tracker on for size? Our Free Trial Registration let’s you experience Tracker Beyond and Tracker OnDemand for up to four users!


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