Pump up your customer support with the automation advantage

The secret to providing big-company customer support with a small-company budget is to become nimble. If your company was an NFL team, think of your support department as the quick-footed cornerback, dodging his way around opponents and able to change directions on a dime. When you can’t be big, at least be fast.


Become nimble

Athletes practice speed drills to become fast on their feet. Fortunately, your support team can become more responsive and improve their service without fancy footwork simply by using automation. 

A business rules engine drives automation. Business rules, on the most basic level, let you specify an action based on a condition; that is, if this condition exists, then do this. A common example is setting up a rule for your email in which a message from a specified sender is automatically routed to a specified folder. 

Automation helps you provide better service without adding more headcount by:


Saving time

Automation helps eliminate duplicated effort. Why manually create an email from a ticket when your support software can do the job for you?


Prioritizing your tasks

Some issues must receive higher priority because of their severity or because of established service level agreements (SLA). An automated system keeps track of these prioritized issues and keeps them front and center to your team can stay on top of them.


Keeping you connected to customers

Sometimes it is the little things that matter, like sending an email to a customer to let them know the status of their issue. Creating a well-worded email and then setting it up to send automatically helps to build goodwill and doesn’t pull anyone away from his or her task.


Builds consistency

Event-driven workflows keep trouble ticket procedures consistent, avoiding extraneous, time-consuming steps. Way to stay nimble!


Start your automation with the Event Engine

PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite includes the Event Engine, which is a powerful business rules engine. Its visual workflow tool removes the complexity of mapping your business processes to an automated workflow.


Request a demo today to see the countless ways that Tracker’s Event Engine can boost your support organization’s speed and efficiency, so no matter the size of your team, they’ll always look like a pro!




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