3 Basic Elements of Customer Support

From Hoyt Mann, President of PhaseWare, Inc.

In my opinion there are 3 basic elements of customer support. They are:

1. People
2. Quality
3. Technology

I know that this seems simplistic, but why make something complicated when it does not have to be? Each element is essential when serving customers and continuing to build a relationship with them.


People that are right for your company have an interest in making your customer happy. Those are the right people to have on the phone. If your people are happy, ultimately your customers will be happy. It is amazing to me how true happiness and excitement can make a customer happy to be part of a winning team.


Quality information can make or break a customer’s level of trust in the company. The customer support representative interacting with a customer will shape their opinion of your entire company. So happy customer support representatives giving quality information is key.


Technology to provide timely information to these happy customer support representatives is the winning combination to an Excellent Customer Support organization.


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