Is Your Help Desk Ticketing System Stuck in the Past?

It’s important to stay up to date with regard to the support technology you’re using. If you’ve enjoyed continued growth in recent years, there’s a chance your help desk is being taxed by increased demand. One of the primary ways to deliver quick solutions for your client’s issues is with an effective ticketing system. If your system is stuck in the past, it’s hard to provide consistent service. An old ticketing system also makes the support process more difficult on your team.

However, you need to be sure your current ticketing system is the reason you’re seeing snags in your support operation. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs you can watch out for. Upgrading your configurable help desk software to beef up your ticketing system may be just what you need to take your client experience to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the primary warning signs that indicate a need for a ticketing system upgrade.

Your Team Manually Assigns Tickets

Manually assigning tickets when they come in may have worked in the past, but if your client base has grown, it’s not an option anymore. Examining each request to determine which rep should handle the issue then filtering tickets to the right person is a huge waste of time. It’s also a good way to frustrate your clients with long wait times. Instead, upgrade to an automated ticketing system and enjoy faster and more effective ticket assignments. This will give you complete control over which reps handle certain types of issues. Plus, because ticket assignments are automated, you’ll no longer have to deal with bottlenecks that are common with the manual process.

You’re Not Offering Self-Service

Today, many people demand the convenience of self-service customer support. This puts the control in your clients’ hands and also eases some of the stress put on your in-house team. This service can be extended to ticketing systems as well. Your clients can log in to their accounts to issue and track tickets on their own. This feature will free up time for your help desk team so they can focus on providing stronger phone and live chat support. Your clients will appreciate this service, as it allows them to handle issues at their convenience while still ensuring the ticket is reaching the right support rep.

Tickets Are Getting Lost or Forgotten

If you’re still using a shared email inbox as a repository for all tickets, it’s time for an upgrade to your configurable help desk software. Using a shared inbox increases the chances of tickets either getting lost, forgotten or simply ignored. With new automated ticketing, each issue is filtered and sent to the correct person. This could be someone who specializes in certain types of issues or a rep assigned to specific clients. Regardless, a new ticketing system will remove the need to sift through shared inboxes and helps keep your operation organized.

Upgrade Your Ticketing System Today

If tickets are falling through the cracks or issue resolution is slowing down, you need to consider upgrading to a newer ticketing system. By taking advantage of automated or self-service features, you’ll provide a faster, higher quality experience for your clients.

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