Fresh Downloadable From PhaseWare!

This month PhaseWare will be releasing the next item in its downloadable collection, this time centering on importance and proper usage of your company’s valuable customer feedback. This document comes as one of the set of imperative instructional pieces your company can use to better itself, its product, its performances, and its image in the public eye.

Customer feedback can seem like a free-for-all category at times, in which the best strategy is to collect, collect, collect. But this may not always be the case. Attaining the customer opinion is a process which requires attention and gravity to match its influence on a company’s progress, growth, and eventual success. “Making it,” in the business world, hinges on your ability to organize and utilize the customer’s opinion.
The new downloadable will be featuring content in two major arenas: gathering information, and employing information. In the first segment, the many methods of acquiring input will be detailed and addressed by their unique advantages and disadvantages. The primary modes of collection involve e-mail and phone-based interactions, which are popular and effective in their own ways. But what else might your company be missing out on? This comprehensive guide will detail the possible routes and differing business strategies to gathering the information which is so pivotal in guiding the choices of a company.

The secondary section of the document will investigate the various methods of actually putting that precious data to work – real time applications. This excerpt will give a good run down of the money making ability of your customer’s intelligence, as well as the countless ways in which that intelligence can be converted into more abstract benefits such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, company cohesiveness, and large scale innovations.

Customer feedback management is not, as some may view it, simply a complaint box for buyers to air their grievances. Feedback can come from nearly unending sources, inside and outside of the company, and its applications are as broad as its participants. The importance of placing emphasis on the public voice cannot be overstated. As a bastion of company gain, there is nothing one stands to lose by listening carefully and working diligently in collaboration with community ideas. With PhaseWare’s new downloadable and our excellent feedback software, you will be privy to information and strategies from some of the top experts in the field of customer service, giving your company the edge they need to truly make a difference using the customer feedback.


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