Four Must-Have Tools for Great B2B Customer Self-Service

Customers that need fast solutions have many available channels for customer support. While traditional interactive support like phone, live chat, and email are effective, customers will often opt for self-service support methods. 

Self service provides the hands-off support that many crave– but a lax approach to self service, like limited self service options or infrequently updated resources, will drive customers away. So to keep customers happy, check out these top self-service tools available in Tracker Suite’s Self-Service Center (SSC). 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are what many people think of when they think of self-service. FAQs are great for customers and businesses alike– increased productivity for you since you do not have to answer the same questions repeatedly, and increased satisfaction and quick resolutions for your customers. 

Categorized lists of questions, whether large or small, will help your customers find the most relevant information quickly. The most frequently asked questions section should contain articles or detailed responses to common issues or functions. This FAQ section is published exclusively to your SSC and cannot be searched via web. Only customers can access FAQs published to the SSC. 

Advanced Search Functions

There are few things more frustrating for customers looking for help on a business website than non-existent or cumbersome search functions. Invest in your business and in your customers. Be sure that your website has extensive meta-search functions within forums, knowledge base articles, FAQs, downloads, and notices. 

Community Forums

Self service doesn’t always have to involve company employees. In fact, customers often find it rewarding to help others solve problems in online communities. Community forums, which can be set up in the SSC, allow for organic, worry-free self service. By encouraging growth in community forums, your company can help educate new users and unveil new product and service features and receive feedback about customer satisfaction. Community forums are dynamic; even though community forums can help others solve problems, they can be used by company support teams to facilitate discussions and direct users to relevant solutions. 


Customers need access to any documents that will make their lives easier. Technical documentation and manuals provide specific answers that might otherwise be difficult to find online. By giving your customers the ability to download important documents, you allow them to comprehensively search for the best answer to their question. Often, documents and manuals are the first step in self service, and questions emanate from there. PhaseWare’s SSC facilitates customer support efforts with its simple downloads portal that offers simple uploads on the business end, and a one-stop resource for customers.

Using these four self-service tools will help your business efficiency and customer satisfaction. In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to leave your customers’ self-service needs to subpar support systems. Enter PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite, which incorporates proactive and reactive support into a seamless ecosystem. Take your business to the next level with PhaseWare’s SSC.




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