Customer Service: What’s the Point?

Traditionally speaking, customer service has been used to resolve customer concerns that come up after the initial interaction of purchasing a company’s product has already taken place. It was used as a backdrop, which was not always necessary and had no real impact on the front end of business such as sales numbers or the longevity of the company. Viewing customer service as an afterthought in this era, however, could be the nail in the coffin for a fledgling company. In fact, it could even have that same effect on a large, established company.


Your company’s view on customer service has been shown in recent surveys to be one of the largest influencing factors in ensuring company growth and customer loyalty. 97% of buyers surveyed on a global scale reported that customer service is somewhat or very important to their brand choice. This means that, potentially, before a sale has even been made, customers are making judgements about your company’s performance based on the conduct of your customer service.


Another stat to keep in mind is that 76% of customers look at customer service to gauge their own worth in the company’s eyes. Generational changes have made their mark on the commercial world in a million ways: creating the ideal product isn’t the name of the game anymore. It’s all about catering to the customer’s needs, cultivating customer relationship management (CRM), and ensuring that elusive customer satisfaction.


In contrast to these, it’s also a telling truth that 62% of consumers will stop doing business with a brand due to poor customer service. It doesn’t matter if your company has invented a flying car – if you don’t deliver service with a smile, customers will walk right out the door.

Allocating the right resources to your customer service department is not only a good choice; it’s an absolutely necessary one. The simple assessment from these undeniable numbers leads to the conclusion that customer support should be one of your company’s main priorities, if not the main priority. The point of customer service has changed drastically from the early days, and it’s important that your company changes with it. Keeping your team and yourself aligned with the needs of the customer is now the main purpose of a customer service department, along with providing preemptive care and personalized attention to detail. Stay ahead of the trends and don’t be afraid to go all out for your customers’ satisfaction!

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