Customer Service Trends that Will Set You Apart from Your Competitors

Ongoing demand for faster, more efficient customer service has resulted in big innovations in support technology. In order to remain competitive in 2018, your company needs to offer the newest features and give customers a number of options for receiving the support they need. With customer service now a major component in the growing B2B marketplace, staying ahead of the curve is important for your continued success. This means you need to stay educated on the hottest trends in the customer service industry. To help you out, let’s go over some of the current support methods to set you apart from your competitors.

Increased Automation

When it comes to delivering faster service, automation is key. Not only do automated services help provide the customer with more efficient ways of interacting with a company, they also take a lot of the workload off support teams. Instead of managing tickets manually, more and more companies are using automation for B2B ticket escalation to ensure client issues don’t fall through the cracks. Automated chatbots are also becoming a more prominent way for companies to respond to customers immediately.

More Emphasis on Self-Service Solutions

A big reason many companies are implementing customer support software is a result of the growing demand for self-service solutions. This means putting the control in your clients’ hands. By creating an online portal, you provide a way for your clients to find the answers they need at their convenience. This could involve sending and tracking their own tickets or utilizing a knowledge base to find information regarding your products and services. Customization of these portals is growing and companies now have the ability to create a more personalized experience for each client.

Mobile and Cloud Based Support

The overwhelming use of mobile devices has changed the way organizations must provide customer service. Mobile chat functionality is becoming more and more common. This gives the clients yet another way to initiate an interaction with you and enjoy faster response times. They can also take advantage of chat history to keep track of information provided to them by your support team. In addition, cloud based customer support software allows reps to help clients anywhere in the world. These customer services features will continue to provide a level of convenience never before experienced in the support industry.

Software Integration

With so much software being used for customer support capability, communication between software systems is a must. In the B2B industry, you can expect software integration to become more frequent and seamless. This is necessary, as the amount of information being shared is increasing. Going forward, sharing information in real-time will become much easier.

Provide Innovative Solutions for Your Clients

Staying up to date on the latest technology trends in the customer support industry is essential when trying to provide better, faster solutions for your clients. Taking advantage of tools like self-service portals and automation for B2B ticket escalation will not only give your clients options, it will streamline your internal process.

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