“Amazeballs” Customer Service

As someone who often works on the go, I frequently find myself working in coffee shops. While Starbucks is the McDonald’s of you-know-what-you’re-getting coffee and pastries, I find it harder and harder to find a good seat at my nearby stores. Following a tip from an anonymous Starbuck’s employee, I ventured over to Pearl Cup Coffee, the latest addition to Richardson’s coffee house landscape.

While it’s not my intention to write a restaurant review in a customer service blog, Pearl Cup does serve food and drink, so I will spend a few words on those aspects of the overall experience. The general atmosphere, however, is also worth pointing out.

With cool, streamlined modern interiors and a clean, wooden exterior, Pearl Cup offers an outstanding location for casual affairs in a person’s business or social life. Today, for instance, I took advantage of a precious, cool morning in the Greater Dallas area to sit at a higher-than-usual pub table, sip my coffee, and type away without distraction.

What about the customer service? Well, quite frankly, it’s great. Kind, courteous, and unobtrusive, Pearl Cup makes for a great place to caffeinate, connect to free wi-fi, check your email, and write entertaining blog posts.

In just about any business environment, a lot of thought goes into how employees interact with the customers. In some cases, discretion is the best part of the customer interaction. That’s why I pointed out the unobtrusive nature of Pearl Cup’s customer service. I placed my order, waited an exceedingly reasonable amount of time to get my order, and was then left to my devices.

Certainly, in terms of convenience and speedy service, the same can usually be said of Starbuck’s. This convenience, however, is often accompanied by shouting and drive-through orders and some other nonsense. I prefer to get in, get my stuff, and be left to my thoughts. In this sense, Pearl Cup nails it.

Additionally, it’s well worth noting that Pearl Cup’s food is delicious. So far I’ve had the ham and swiss quiche, breakfast burrito, and a Danish. In each instance, the food has been fresh and hot and tasty. The coffee, especially the fancy lattes, are also quite commendable.

The verdict? Taking my cue from the cleverly adorned pastry case, Pearl Cup is “amazeballs” (see photo below). If you’re visiting the Telecom Corridor and want a good cup to go with your business ventures, check out Pearl Cup. I think you’ll like it.

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